Dirt Road Ramblings

Random musings of an aging kid-at-heart who marvels at life's wonders around her

It’s been twelve years.

Roughly 4,380 days, give or take a few leap years.

Nearly one fifth of my lifetime so far.

That’s how much time has elapsed since I blogged regularly.

I exited the blog-o-sphere in 2007, just about the time blogs and blogging grew exponentially in popularity.   Leave it to me to pull out when things were finally getting good for bloggers.   Ai yi yi.

But life changed for me back then. A loved one’s world collapsed, and my heart with it. The world changed. How I viewed the world changed.

I changed.

And I had nothing left to say.

Fast forward to 2019.  A different time, a different season, a different blog and different subject matter (perhaps we’ll revisit a few past topics just for fun).  But here I am, the same wacky woman you knew from LabTails and my other blogs of old.

To be sure, some things have changed: I’m 12 years older, my hair is whiter, my wrinkles deeper, my body rounder, and I droop a bit (okay, a lot) more than I used to. I’ve developed age spots (*gasp*). My kids are thirty-somethings living their lives (freedom!). I’m a grandmother of three (joy of joys). I quit full-time freelancing and became my mother’s caregiver.  Our beloved canine crew changed with over-the-rainbow-bridge losses and new-pack-mate additions (it includes our three Labs and a mutt, and DTS’s rescue now).  We added Howee the RV (more on him later) to our adventures, and we’re making plans for retirement to our recently purchased lakeside property that once belonged to my forebears (much more on that to come).

Yes, a *lot* has changed.

But the song in my heart still pulses (it never stopped, though I admittedly forgot how to sing it for a time).  I still dance in the kitchen when no one is looking. I love the life I’ve been given, am grateful for everyday joys, and I remain alert to countless wonders in the ordinary.

And I still look for giggle factor whereever I can find it.

Yup, it’s me.  Just an older, more seasoned, weathered-a-bit me.

And I’m back, ready to travel this road together with you all again.

Won’t you join me?

Until next time.







4 thoughts on “Back into Blog Land Again

  1. Momma Teece says:

    Yay, you’re back! Looking forward to reading your views on life, love, and labs! Hugs my sister in labs….funny enough, I am sitting in the whelping box with Bridgette as I read!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. joanesh says:

    I am tckled we found each other, Miss Mary! And someday, we are going to meet for real! ❤️❤️❤️


  3. Mary says:

    YEAH!!!! So excited to once again hear you via a blog. I fell in love with labtails and found my soul sister from another mister. Love you Joan and your wonderful heart.

    Liked by 1 person

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